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Offer Valid: 04/15/2019 - 06/14/2019
Create a culture of Wellness at your worksite, by offering your staff FREE educational Lunch & Learns or Team Building Workouts
With the amount of time we spend in the workplace, it is crucial to prioritize and make time for employee health & wellness. 

Camp Gladiator, offers FREE (no strings attached!) onsite educational Lunch & Learns for your staff. Do many of your staff remain in a seated or stationary position for extended periods of time? Our certified personal trainers will discuss about the dangers of the seated position, and how to combat the imbalances it causes in the body with stretches, strength, and mobility exercises that can even be done at the desk. A large number employees suffer from back pain and other ailments associated with the repetitive motion and sedentary postion at the workplace-- don't let this affect your organizations' productivity, bottom-line, or culture. 

These sessions can vary in length from 20-60 min depending on the needs of the group, and Camp Gladiator provides snacks and refreshements to make the experience as convenient as possible for your staff. 

Or perhaps your're looking for a team building activity for your staff, to develop a culture of health & wellness in your organization. Our trainers offer FREE onsite workouts & private workout parties, customized to the levels and size of your group. 

Here's just a few figures that emphasis the need of incorparting fitness & wellness opportunities for your staff 

- 36.5%: Amount of US adults that are obese

- 4.1: Fewer number of days employees miss work who get at least 75 min of exercise per week

- $1,437: Amount of extra healthcare costs inactive adults incur of active adults per year

- $ 1,685: Amount of productivity lost per employee per yer for missed work


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