Mindjet MindManager Mind Mapping Master

Profit Pilots, Inc.
Job Description
Profit Pilots, Inc. needs a person with...
  •  In depth knowledge of Mindjet software
  •  The skill and presence to capture the ideas of a group of business owners and CEOs...Profit Pilots...in fast moving mind mapping sessions
  •  The experience and maturity to assist in organizing those ideas into prioritized mind maps
  •  The admin skills needed to distribute the Mindjet MindManager output to the participants
Initially you will facilitate one, and eventually five meetings per month of two to four hours each in Glendale, DTC, and Castle Rock for a total of about 12 hours plus travel. The number of hours and locations will expand throughout 2017 and beyond and your role may expand over the next few years to a full-time facilitation training position. Times and locations for meetings are set by Profit Pilots, Inc. and are not flexible.
You will serve as an independent contractor and invoice Profit Pilots, Inc. for both hours and travel expense.
PROOF...Send your resume in the form of a Mindjet document.
If you are chosen as a candidate, Profit Pilots, Inc. will schedule an interview and demonstration of your skills using Mindjet software with Jeffrey E. Reeves, Founder and CEO. 
Contact Information