Middle School Humanities Teacher & Assistant (Innovative Environment)

Posted: 09/24/2023

We are looking for facilitators to design learning opportunities by: Intentionally designing a student-centered classroom (vs. teacher-centered) Prioritizing relationships over content Providing opportunities for spiritual, personal, and academic growth, determination, and creative expression via academic content Creating conditions for personal and leadership development Mentoring students to mastery of competencies as needed Creating a space where the students have agency in selecting how they learn and demonstrate mastery through tasks and activities whenever possible Designing collaborative group work opportunities that build interpersonal skills development Being a role model for the attitudes, beliefs, faith, and habits we seek to foster at CRCA. Constantly work on becoming a better person and then share yourself with your students The goal is an education that reaches the whole student (spiritually, personally, relationally, and academically) and develops lifelong learners. To develop the features of student agency, voice/choice, creativity, reliability, and constructiveness to become a "transformational servant leader of tomorrow.” Experience in an educational environment preferred; excellent communication and leadership skills needed; being teachable and flexible while pursuing clear goals. The location of this position is on Crowfoot Valley Rd in Castle Rock, CO 80108. ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS: Frequent bending, standing, sitting, and walking Occasional reaching, kneeling, bending, squatting, and standing Ability to run short distances Experience/Knowledge of Blended learning models and student-led classroom structures Teachability and a willingness to “unlearn” certain practices from traditional classroom settings. Responsibilities: Assist students with daily classroom functions Design blended learning within your content area May be responsible for general supervision in the absence of other teachers. May provide assistance to students in non-classroom settings. Inspire students Communicate with parents and other school personnel as needed. Respect confidentiality regarding student needs and abilities. Perform other related duties as assigned or requested. Work collaboratively in a unique environment Education: Education Degree in subject-matter with a Middle School/High School certification (Required) Scheduled Hours Per Week: (varies weekly) 25-30 hours/week, 5 days a week

Castle Rock Christian Academy
Melissa Mixon