Thank you for your interest in the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Statistics report that chamber members have the highest rated customer service in the industry.  Membership is a great investment in the future of Castle Rock, Douglas County and your business. See how you can get connected to our business community, Join Today!

Funds raised assist Chamber’s key initiatives such as Workforce Development, Business Advocacy and Services.
The CRC Strong Campaign, which ran from May 6 through August 31, was made up of volunteers and Chamber staff liaisons, were tasked with raising $200,000 and 50 new members for the Chamber’s initiatives. To reach this goal, volunteers raised funds in different ways, which included membership, event sponsorships, advertising, and community initiatives. “We didn’t just raise money for the sake of raising money. These investments will provide the Douglas County area with a properly funded chamber of commerce capable of accomplishing key initiatives. Castle Rock Chamber is dedicated to improving our community, working towards sound public policy, economic growth, assisting local employer’s workforce needs and building strong local leaders. All of which lead to a more successful and vibrant community” said Pam Ridler, President and CEO of the Castle Rock Chamber.
Campaign volunteers raised $201,500 and recruited 59 new members is just 16 weeks. The success of the campaign was due largely in part to the exceptional leadership of co-chairs Bernie Greenberg (Kokish, Goldmanis & Greenberg, PC) and Shawn Temple (P3 Advisors/Miller’s Landing Co.) who truly believe in our Chamber’s programs and initiatives.
Here is a sample of some of what we can accomplish because of a successful campaign:

  • Business Development programs and events. We strive to provide opportunities to foster meaningful, strategic connections at each of our functions. Beloved community events such as Starlighting and Artfest are stronger because of sponsor support generated during the campaign.
  • Tomorrow’s top employees and community leaders get a leg up through Leadership Douglas County, which is in its 22nd year.  The program identifies, educates, and motivates current and emerging leaders to improve Douglas County through personal and collective commitment.  Additional funds raised also assist the Chamber to bring LeaderCast, a world-wide simulcast leadership development event to our community.
  • Progress through Preservation.  The Chamber’s Historical Site, Victoria’s/Carriage House (est. 1889) improvement project aims to restore and preserve our history and heritage. Funds raised will assist with restoration efforts of the carriage house.
  • Small business support through business training and consultations for successful business development and growth.
  • Strengthen our efforts of the Talent Pipeline Douglas County (TPDC) program, which is a multi-industry collaborative that engages with community members and local industry to facilitate partnerships and deliver solutions to create and sustain a thriving work-based learning community.
 We’d like to say “Thank you” to all of you. Because of all of you, the Castle Rock Chamber looks forward to an impactful 2022 as we celebrate our 67th year of championing initiatives that make Castle Rock and Douglas County the best place to live, work and play. To learn more and or get involved, please visit or contact the Chamber at 303-688-4597.

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