Chapel Restoration Fund 2019

Rock Solid for the Next Generations

Chapel Restoration Fund 2019

Before we repair the cracks and repaint the walls in our 113-year-old chapel, we need to stabilize its foundation.

For about five years, with the help of Denver Foundations, we’ve been monitoring the stability of the chapel’s foundation. We’ve learned that it’s been sinking about a centimeter or two every year. This settling has been causing the cracks in the plaster walls and ceiling and the peeling wallpaper you’ve seen. We’ve hidden the peeling wallpaper under a banner, and we’ve patched the cracks over and over again, but they keep returning — and growing.

It’s time to fix these problems for the long haul, not only to restore the chapel’s beauty, but also to ensure this historic place of worship will be “rock solid” for another 100+ years.

Completing these essential and necessary repairs will ensure that future generations will be able to worship in the same sanctuary in which their great-grand parents and grandparents —and all the saints who have gone before us — knelt, prayed, celebrated, and mourned. The wood floors in the chapel carry the marks of these faithful generations for all to see. Those marks of history will remain to remind us of those who have prayed here before us — and still pray with us today.

Did you know our chapel is the only one of the original churches in downtown Castle Rock still being used for worship? The others are now restaurants or community buildings, but our legacy of prayer continues to flow out of the heart of Castle Rock!

To preserve this treasure, and continue its amazing legacy, we need to shore up the foundation, repair and repaint the interior. The repairs are estimated to cost $85,000. Generous gifts have already provided $35,000 to get us started. Our goal is to raise the remaining $50,000 by the end of May, to begin the work in June, and finish it up by October.

Please help by giving what you feel called and are able to our Chapel Restoration Fund 2019.

For details on how to donate, contact our office at 303-6885185 or by email at Office@ChristsEpiscopalChurch.org. You may also mail your check (with “Chapel Fund” in the memo line) directly to Christ’s Episcopal Church, 615 Fourth St, Castle Rock, CO 80104.