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Colorado Economy Continues Recovery in August

The U.S. and Colorado economies continue to march forward in their recovery from the lockdowns associated with the C-19 pandemic.

The recovery is uneven across industries and regions because of the difference in leadership, policies, management of C-19, business mix, and business and regulatory environments.


In Colorado the professional and technical services, private education services, manufacturing, and federal government sectors have already surpassed employment for December 2019.


Colorado employment for August 2020 was 94.2% of December 2019 employment. For details check out the Review of Colorado Economy - Update Through August 2020.


In addition, you might be interested in the quarterly economic updates (September 2020) that were released last week by the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting and the Colorado Legislative Council. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the state economy and the challenges facing our state government.

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