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Colorado General Assembly Daily Update, Monday, June 8, 2020

Today began what could be the last week in the 2020 legislative session.   Leadership has indicated that they intend for Friday to be the final day of session.  It only takes 3 days to pass a bill, so bills continued to be introduced today. 

Key Legislative Actions
New Bills

  • HB20-1419 State Drug Assistance Program Funding was introduced today.  The bill would create a new line item that would receive pharmaceutical rebates that CDPHE currently receives for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.  The ADAP provides assistance to individuals in need of AIDS/HIV treatment.  The bill would increase transparency on the amount of rebates received because current statute designates the rebates in a general gifts, grants and donations line. 
  • HB20-1420 Adjust Tax Expenditures for State Education Fund was introduced today.  The bill would decouple the state from tax deductions implemented by the federal CARES Act and the 2017 federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  It would remove a 5 year carryback deduction for business losses experienced in 2018-2020 that also suspended the net operating loss limit of 80% of taxable income.  It would also remove the Business Interest Deduction from the CARES Act that increased the cap of deductions from 30% to 50%.  It also decouples the state from the federal tax deduction for small businesses and LLCs and caps the deduction.  It repeals the tax exemption for energy used in manufacturing and replaces it with a $1,000 tax credit per filing period.  It caps the net operating loss deduction and removes the regional home office insurance tax credit.  All revenue generated from these changes would go to K-12 education. 
  • HB20-1421 Delinquent Interest Payments Property Tax was introduced today.  The bill allows counties or cities that received less than 90% of the property taxes collected in 2019 in 2020 to temporarily suspend delinquent interest payments for property tax payments. 
Bills on the Move
  • SB20-163 School Entry Immunizations passed the House Health and Insurance Committee on a 7-4 vote on Sunday after hours of testimony. 
  • SB20-216 Workers Compensation for COVID-19 passed Senate Finance on a 4-3 vote with amendments L002, L004, L005, and L008
  • HB20-1336 Holocaust And Genocide Studies In Public Schools passed Senate State Affairs unanimously
  • HB20-1053 Supports for Early Childhood Educator Workforce passed House Appropriations by a 7-4 vote and the House on second reading.  
  • HB20-1418 Public School Finance passed House Appropriations 7-4 with two amendments L005 and L006 and the House on second reading.  
  • HB20-1414 Price Gouge Amid Disaster Deceptive Trade Practice passed the House on second reading.  Several amendments brought by Republicans did not make it on the bill. 
  • SB20-096 Remote Notaries Protect Privacy passed the House on third reading 64-0.
  • SB20-215 Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise was debated for several hours on the Senate floor.  The bill passed on second reading with amendments L012, L009, and L007.
  • HB20-1297 Immunization Status Child Abuse and Neglect passed the House on Second Reading. 
  • HB20-1415 Whistleblower Protection Public Health Emergencies passed House Appropriations and House on second reading with one amendment L006
  • HB20-1413 Small Business Recovery Loan Program Premium Tax Credits passed House Appropriations and House on second reading with one amendment L005
  • SB20-205 Sick Leave for Employees passed the Senate on second reading with several amendments added: L054, L050, L052, L055, L057, L018, L029, L045, L046, L048, L049, and L042.
  • SB20-212 Reimbursement for Telehealth Services passed the Senate on second reading with several amendments: L002, L003, L004, and L005
  • SCR20-001 Repeal Gallagher Amendment passed the Senate on Second Reading.

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