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Colorado House Republican Leadership Elections and legislative database for the 2021 session

Yesterday the House Republican caucus held leadership elections.  There were many changes to leadership including a new House Minority Leader, Representative Hugh McKean.   During the leadership election for assistant minority leader, two of the representatives nominated bowed out of the race, leaving it between Representative Tim Geitner and Representative Mark Baisley.  The current House Republican Joint Budget Committee member, Representative Kim Ransom retained her seat on the JBC. 


House Republicans

  • House Minority Leader—Hugh McKean
  • House Assistant Minority Leader—Tim Geitner won election for Assistant Minority Leader
    • Tim Geitner was nominated by Rep. Holtorf
    • Mark Baisley  was nominated by Rep. Larson who declined his nomination. 
    • Colin Larson was nominated by Rep. McKean and seconded by Rep. elect Woog. 
    • Dave Williams nominated by Rep. Van Winkle and Rep. Luck.  He declined his nomination. 
  • House Minority Whip—Rod Pelton (unopposed)
  • House Minority Caucus Chair—Janice Rich won election for caucus chair
    • Mark Baisley was nominated by Rep. Ransom and Rep.-elect Pico
    • Janice Rich was nominated by Rep. Will and Rep. Larson
  • House Republican JBC Member—Kim Ransom
    • Kim Ransom nominated by Rep. Holtorf and Rep. Bockenfeld
    • Matt Soper nominated by Rep. Pelton and Rep. Will



Elected last Thursday


Senate Democrats


Senate Republicans


House Democrats

  • Speaker of the House—Alec Garnett (unopposed)
  • House Majority Leader—Daneya Esgar won election to House Majority Leader
  • House Assistant Majority Leader—Serena Gonzales Gutierrez won election to House Assistant Majority Leader
  • House Majority Co-Caucus Chair—Lisa Cutter won election for co-caucus chair
  • House Majority Co-Caucus Chair—Meg Froelich won election for co-caucus chair
  • House Majority Co-Whip—Monica Duran (unopposed)
  • House Majority Co-Whip—Kyle Mullica (unopposed)
  • First Year Representative to Leadership—This position will be decided at a later date by the newly elected representatives


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