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Colorado Supreme Court Approves Colorado Redistricting Maps

Colorado Supreme Court Approves Redistricting Maps
Today, November 15th, 2021, the Colorado Supreme Court has unanimously approved the final legislative redistricting plans, confirming the final maps and concluding the once in a decade process. This follows the Nov. 1st Colorado Supreme Court unanimous approval of the final congressional plans.
This was the first time that Colorado’s redistricting was led by independent commissions – one Congressional and one State Legislative created by Amendment Y and Amendment ZThe independent commissions met for long hours throughout the fall, accepting public feedback and suggested maps, to ultimately submit final versions to the Colorado Supreme Court for approval. Many have commented that unanimous approval from the Supreme Court on both congressional and legislative maps reaffirms the success of the new independent process.
State Legislative
House. Under the approved State House maps, a Democratic majority is still nearly certain in the 65-member chamber even with some significant changes in districts across the state. Shifts in some districts will pit incumbents against each other, members of the same party are looking at primaries against their peers on the same side of the aisle, and numerous districts will become much more competitive than they were historically. Nine districts would be considered competitive, giving the Democrats a smaller advantage to the majority than they currently have.  
Senate. The State Senate, under the approved maps, will also become more competitive, albeit with Democrats still likely to maintain control of the 35-member chamber. Shifts in some of the districts will leave some incumbents out of the race entirely due to four-year terms and off election cycles, other would need to take on their colleagues in a primary, and a few find themselves in much more competitive battle ground districts than before. There are 9 seats that are deemed competitive as we look towards elections in 2022 and 2024.
The Colorado redistricting commissions have posted interactive State House and State Senate maps to better understand the district lines. 
The final Congressional map, approved by the Colorado Supreme Court on November 1st, 2021 creates the new 8th district, giving Colorado one additional seat in the United States Congress. This district will now encompass the northern suburbs of Denver and will only slightly lean Democratic, creating a competitive seat. The final map maintains comfortable advantages for all seven incumbents (four Democrats and 3 Republicans.)
We anticipate a lot of movement and announcements in the coming weeks and months as current incumbents determine their path forward under the new Colorado state legislative and congressional districts.
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