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Conquer the call to conserve; Mayor Gray invites residents to take the pledge

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Castle Rock Water would like your help—and in return we’d like to help you! Each year, the Mayor challenges our residents to pledge to conserve water by taking a pledge at from August 1 – 31, 2020. This campaign is a friendly competition among mayors across the U.S. about who is seen as the most water-wise as judged by the number of pledges (per population). The Town of Castle Rock has made it to the top 10 for the past 4 years! We need to stay in the top 10 and that’s where we need your help. Castle Rock Water would like to get a selfie/picture of you, in your business, saying that you took the pledge and others should too. (We can add a graphic to that effect.) The Town will put your image on our social media platform(s), promoting your business as you promote the pledge. It’s a win-win. And speaking of winning, those who do pledge, are also eligible for eco-friendly prizes from the sponsor, Wyland Foundation.  Are you in? Find more details about why Castle Rock is in on the pledge.   


Castle Rock is a community that understands conservation. For years, residents have made great strides in becoming more water conscious, and the Town has set a goal to cut back 18 percent of water use by 2055. With that goal in mind, Castle Rock Water and Mayor Jason Gray are encouraging residents to take conservation to the next level.

The Mayor’s Conservation Challenge is encouraging residents throughout Castle Rock to think about ways to conserve more water around their homes. Join this call to conserve by taking a free online conservation pledge at

While the pledge only takes a few minutes to complete, fulfilling the pledge could add up to big savings for our community. Pledge to take a shorter shower, fix that leaky faucet, wash only full loads of laundry or invest in Energy Star appliances. 

“Thanks to for helping to encourage conservation through the National Mayor’s Challenge,” said Mayor Gray. “Castle Rock has participated in the challenge for the past five years. Now, we rank in the top 10 nationally! Let’s keep up the good work and show everyone that Castle Rock is serious about water conservation as a way to save money and secure water for our Town’s future.”

Head to now through Monday, Aug. 31, for more information. Each pledge increases Castle Rock’s rank nationally. Help our Town make it into the top 10 water-conscious communities in the nation for the fifth year in a row.

The Town is partnering with the Wyland Foundation, as well as the National League of Cities, EPA Office of Water and the U.S. Forest Service to encourage residents around the country to take the online pledge. Participants are also eligible for a host of prizes worth more than $50,000 sponsored by the Wyland Foundation.

Get more information and take the pledge at

Sign the pledge and send us a picture of you in front of signage at your business!  We will post it to our social media pages, tag your business and feature you as an outstanding business.  Contact Dave or Meg at the Chamber for more information.  303.688.4597.

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