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Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act

Latest information that we have regarding Federal, State and Local assistance that will be available.  We have condensed many different sources of information into one summary below.  If you need more information on one particular item, we will be taking questions from the Castle Rock business community on the virtual meeting tomorrow at 1pm, you can also email me directly. View Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act
COVID-19 Small Business Response Resources



  1. $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Summary
    1. Direct $1200 checks to Americans making under $75,000 plus $500 per child.  If you make over $99,000 you get $0.
    2. $500 Billion in Business Assistance Loans ( They are likely to go through the banking system via the 7A loan process increase speed to the market)
    3. Unemployment gets a four month extension and big boost additional benefits.  
    4. See attached one page summary on the stimulus titled Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act.
  2. Federal Small Business Administration Assistance
    1. The SBA launched a new website to better handle the volume of SBA Disaster loan requests.



  1. The State Small Business Development Center is putting together information and resources to help CO businesses apply for Federal SBA Assistance:
    1. State SBDC guidance is available at
    2. State SBDC has put together the attached SBDC Colorado COVID Guide (includes comparison on Federal SBA, Federal Emergency and Family Leave, State Unemployment, State Work-share, State Emergency and Family Leave). 
    3. We will have an SBDC representative on the virtual meeting tomorrow at 1pm.
  2. State of CO Dept. of Labor and Employment
    1. Work-share alternative to laying off employees,


  1. The Castle Rock EDC and KIVA are looking at opportunities to provide assistance to CR Businesses.
    1. More information will be available during the virtual meeting tomorrow.



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