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Colorado General Assembly Daily Update, Saturday, June 13, 2020

Monday is expected to be the last day of the 2020 session.  In the final days, the chambers often review bills sent back from the other chamber to agree or reject amendments. A number of bills were up for concurrence today:

  • SB20-163 School Entry Immunizations—The Senate voted to reject House amendments and a conference committee met to resolve the differences between the House and Senate version of the bill.  The agreement was to strip the petition clause and go with the safety clause—this way the bill will go into effect as soon as it is signed by the Governor—and add an exemption for students who are homeschooled.
  • SB20-200 Implementation Of CO Colorado Secure Savings Program—The Senate concurred with House amendments and repassed the bill 19-16. 
  • SB20-205 Sick Leave for Employees—The Senate rejected the House amendments, so the bill went to conference committee. The House adjourned before the conference committee could meet, so this will be on the agenda for Monday.
  • SB20-212 Reimbursement for Telehealth Services—The Senate concurred with House amendments and repassed the bill 35-0. 
  • SB20-217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity—The Senate concurred with House amendments and repassed the bill 32-3. 
  • HB20-1383 Reduce the General Fund Reserve—The House concurred with Senate amendments and repassed the bill 51-14. This bill sets the General Fund reserve at $304.5 million. This is lower than originally approved by the Joint Budget Committee because the General Assembly didn’t pass bills to suspend the Senior Homestead Exemption and the declaration of the state fiscal emergency to divert tobacco revenues. 
Bills on the Move
  • HB20-1415 Whistleblower Protection Public Health Emergencies passed the Senate 20-15. 
  • SB20-215 Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise passed the House on third reading 40-25 with a technical amendment L030
  • HB20-1420 Adjust Tax Expenditures for State Education Fund passed the Senate on second reading with a compromise agreement L067.  The bill as introduced proposed to remove CARES deductions and the decoupling a number of state income tax deductions from the federal income taxes.  The amendment took out most of the initial proposed changes including a cap on Net Operating Loss and energy deduction.  The amendment raised the threshold for decoupling for LLC and S corps joint filing to $1 million. 
  • HB20-1425 Hospital Patient Visitation Rights During COVID-19 passed the Senate on second reading consent calendar. 
  • HB20-1427 Tobacco and Nicotine Tax passed the Senate on second reading with amendments L019, and L018.  L019 put 10% of the funding to housing in the first three years, if the measure is approved by voters. 
Bills Killed:
  • HB20-1047 Develop A Statewide Organics Management Plan
  • HB20-1049 Reauthorize Habitat For Humanity Tax Check-off
  • HB20-1223 Rural Arts Grant Program
  • SB20-005 Covered Person Cost-sharing Collected By Carriers
  • SB20-018 Homeless Outreach Programs To Reduce Wildfire Risk
  • HB20-1007 Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce Report
  • SB20-070 Traffic Offense Classification And Penalties
  • SB20-101 Investigation Process For Pesticide Applicators
  • SB20-103 Common Guidelines School District Open Enrollment
  • SB20-127 Actuarial Review Health Care Plan Legislation
  • SB20-131 Reimbursement To P-tech Schools For College Costs
  • SB20-135 Conservation Easement Working Group Proposals
  • SB20-156 Protecting Preventive Health Care Coverage
  • SB20-168 Sustainable Severance & Property Tax Policies
  • SB20-172 Bail Hearing Within 48 Hours Of Arrest
  • SB20-173 Reimbursement Rates Alternative Care Facilities

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