Survey results show continued satisfaction with life in Castle Rock

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May 09, 2017
Community feedback is critical as the Town plans for its future. You may have already provided feedback to the Town on various topics by attending an open house, submitting an online feedback form, or even posting on social media.

Another important feedback mechanism is the biennial community survey, for which the 2017 results are in. Some key findings:
  • The Town overall remains a very strong 4-Star community on survey administrator Northwest Research Group’s 5-Star rating system
  • The survey covered 36 performance measures, and 31 of those received an above-average rating (6 or higher on a 0-10 scale); 34 of the measures could be compared to the 2015 survey, and eight of those showed improvement (10 decreased, and 16 maintained similar satisfaction levels)
  • Like in 2015, nine out of 10 residents said the quality of Town services exceeds their expectations; seven of 10 believe they’re getting their money’s worth for their tax dollars, which is down from eight in 2015 but is still a stronger rating compared to similar communities
  • Residents affirmed that the Town’s eight strategic priorities are leading Castle Rock in the right direction
  • Traffic was cited as one of the top concerns in the 2015 survey; most mobility-related ratings improved in 2017, which is a positive reflection of Town efforts made in this area since 2015
Along with these results, there are some areas the survey indicates need attention:
  • Ratings related to the direction the Town is headed indicate continued concerns over growth; ensuring well-planned, high-quality new development should continue as an area of focus
  • Another area for attention is informing and involving residents. Scores in this area outperform those in similar communities; still, they are lower than in the Town’s 2015 survey, and work in this area should continue
To reach the desired statistical confidence, the survey needed 400 responses; 720 residents responded to the survey in March and April after being randomly selected to participate. A full report on the results is online at CRgov.com/2017survey.

View full survey results.