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Tri-County Health Department Daily COVID-19 Update

Monday, April 27, 2020

Gov. Polis Provides Update on Transition to Safer at Home

Gov. Polis Provides Update on Transition to Safer at Home
Governor Jared Polis today provided an update on Colorado’s transition to Safer at Home and discussed how this will impact Coloradans. The Governor also discussed the Executive Order and Public Health Order from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that outlines Safer at Home requirements.
“The Stay-at-Home order has done just what we wanted it to - slowed the spread of the virus and bought us time to expand the capacity of our health care system. We are in this for the long haul, and Coloradans need to be prepared to follow social distancing requirements in the weeks and months ahead,” said Governor Jared Polis. “If Coloradans let up over the next few weeks, if we fail to take this new phase seriously -- we might have to face staying at home again and all of our gains will be lost. I cannot stress this enough - we must continue to stay home as much as possible, wear facial masks when out, and be cautious and careful. We are nowhere near being back to normal, but we will get through this together.”
In March, the Governor outlined a number of goals for the Stay-at-Home order which included:
  • Slowing the spread of the virus
  • Buying time to build health care capacity
  • Buying time to acquire masks, gloves, ventilators, etc.
  • Buying time to grow testing capacity & obtain supplies.
The state continues working to increase testing capacity and acquiring more critical personal protective equipment and supplies, but Colorado’s Stay-at-Home order has met the short-term goals the Governor identified last month.
Safer at Home is meant to provide a more sustainable way of living for Coloradans, while managing the spread of the virus to ensure our healthcare system has the capacity to manage an influx. Goals of this period include:
Managing the spread of the virus (R0 between 2 and 1)
  • Accessing to world-class health care for every Coloradan that gets sick
  • Finding a more sustainable way to live
  • Helping more Coloradans earn a living, while protecting health and safety
  • Minimizing secondary health effects (mental and behavioral health impacts)
The Safer at Home Executive Order is set to expire 30 days from April 27, but can be amended or extended at any time.
Changes happening during Safer at Home will be phased in, with different changes going into effect April 27, May 1 and May 4.
Monday, April 27
Retail businesses can open for curbside delivery. Real estate home showings can resume. Elective medical and dental procedures may resume if facilities are following required safety protocols.
Friday, May 1
Retail businesses can phase-in a public opening if they are implementing best practices.
Personal services can open if they are implementing best practices.
Monday, May 4
Offices can reopen at 50% reduced in-person staffing capacity, if best practices are being implemented to protect the health and safety of employees. Businesses are encouraged to allow employees to continue telecommuting at higher levels if possible. Child care facilities can also expand or reopen if they are following Safer at Home requirements.
Vulnerable populations and seniors must continue to stay at home except when absolutely necessary. It’s important to note that even as some businesses begin more economic activity, no vulnerable worker can be compelled back to work if their work requires in person work near others. against their will. Given the severity of COVID-19 on vulnerable individuals it’s not in the state’s interest, the employer’s interest, or the worker’s interest to unnecessarily expose them to these very real risks. It’s also important to note that it’s illegal to discriminate against vulnerable workers.
Colorado is a diverse state and the Governor knows each community will have different needs. Under the Safer at Home phase, local governments will have a variety of options when it comes to slowing the spread of the virus and protecting their communities.
  • Local governments can implement the guidelines of Safer at Home to match the state.
  • Local governments can go farther than the state, including but not limited to stay-at-home orders or additional protective measures.
  • Local governments can relax guidelines more than the state. To do so, local governments will need to demonstrate proof of 14 consecutive days of decline of infection of COVID-19 in the county. They also must submit an application to CDPHE that includes a written COVID-19 suppression plan approved by the appropriate local public health authority, all hospitals within the jurisdiction and elected leadership.
View the Governor’s presentation and find the Frequently Asked Questions document. View the Executive Order and view the Public Health Order. Watch the Governor’s press conference and watch ASL.

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