Are Your Calendar and Inbox Taking Over Your Life?

Are Your Calendar and Inbox Taking Over Your Life?

 Do you own your calendar and inbox or… do they own you?

Don't let your inbox or calendar control your day or life.  Learn the secret to improving what you get done by improving the synergy between your brain and these two traditional essential tools (based on Microsoft Outlook but also helpful for other platforms).

About our 
speaker:  Quinn Denny (Science Practitioner, MA)

Quinn Denny is a work psychologist with 12 years’ owner experience spanning two service businesses. The president of ioPSYte, a work psychology firm, Quinn partners with individuals, leaders, and teams to increase work satisfaction and work performance using research-driven performance management systems, training, and consulting. As a Colorado native, Castle Rock has been home for Quinn, wife Erin, and their two sons since 2004. Quinn’s vocational passion is to serve and transform workplaces across the U.S., especially those workplaces where individuals, leaders, and teams feel hopeless and brokenhearted in their work

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