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Employees… Every Company Needs Them but How Do I Recruit Them

Employees…  Every Company Needs Them but How Do I Recruit Them

The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce is here to help.  We have a Workforce Readiness Coordinator with one of their tasks is to help you find and keep the best talent out there. 

If your membership level is at Networking or above, we will post your help wanted ads on our website for you at no additional charge.   By posting your ad on our website is a twofold win for you; it allows others to see your companies name and draws in the best local talent in town.  To place your ad, go to the member portal, on the left-hand side of the screen is a button called Job Posting.  Copy and paste your help wanted ad there.  Easy Peasy!

Now the hard part how to write a help wanted ad that will attract the cream of the crop.   

  1. Remember you are selling your position.  Consider this more of a marketing tool rather than a job post.   You are telling them how awesome your company is to work for.  Give a catchy, title that will spark the readers attention, some flare.  
  2. Why should they work for you? Emphasize the Perks, the benefits, your culture.  If you work 4, 10’s state it here, same with remote options, hiring bonuses, etc.…  Post a picture of your team having fun. 
  3. Target the personalities that would be best for the position, i.e… Energetic, works well with others, extrovert/introvert/ works well alone or with a team, quirky, technical, creative, fun.  “You want to spark a connection with your readers” Stephen Beach, Craft Impact Marketing
  4. Talk about Skills and Credentials needed
  5. Keep it simple to read. Use tools such as bullet points, italics, numbers, etc.… 
  6. Start with providing some history on the company. Example:   We have been proudly serving the Castle Rock area since 2012.  We are honored to be members of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce and BBB.   Company  is the best place in Castle Rock to (whatever it is your company does).  As Castle Rock continues to grow so does our need for team members with exceptional (skill you need or position title). 
  7. Use words that our inclusive like, family, team member, community. People want to feel like they are bigger than themselves and making a difference. How will they do that at your company?
  8. Get rid of words that are disqualify people from applying for your position.  (Must have, minimum requirements) You don’t want to discourage people from applying.  You can always teach the skills; you cannot teach personality.  Some jobs will require certain credentials but let’s not weed out someone who might not be fitted for the specific position you are applying for but would be well suited somewhere else with in your company.  You never want to pass on someone who would be an excellent fit in your organization.   Plus, you can state the specifics of the job without using must or minimum.
  9.   Display benefits on why someone should work for you, no matter how small. 

Couple things to Remember:

Be Slow to Hire … Quick to Fire

Happy Team Members = Happy Customers

You should  call the applicants, within 24 hours of receiving application.

Please reach out to Carrie ( or 303.688.4597) if you need an assistance with writing your ad or getting your ad on our website or the attention it deserves. 

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