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The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce Workforce Readiness Program & Talent Pipeline Douglas County are excited about your desire to participate in this years Tours for Teachers Program.

Tours for Teachers takes principals, administrators, teachers, counselors and other staff into the workforce to show them directly what the current and future workforce needs are. Allowing you to see first hand what the workforce is needing, what opportunities are available and how to better equip your students to enter the career field. We will also be discussing what essential skills your students will need to enter into the workforce.

This program includes an introduction, four learning days, independent assignments, and exploration. The learning days are four full days over the course of the program. These days are calendared school days and will require an approved absence from your employer (see below).

Participants will receive 30 hours of continuing education credit.

Our 2023 Program Dates Are:

Orientation: Thursday, September 28th, 3:30 -5pm
Tour Date 1: Thursday, October 13th, 7::00am -4pm - Healthcare Focus
Tour Day 2: Thursday, October 26, 8am -4pm - Construction Trades Focus
Tour Date 2: Thursday, November 9th, 7:30am -4pm - Utility & Automotive Focus
Tour Date 3 & Graduation: Thursday, December 7th, 7am - 4:00pm - Technology Focus

Specific details of each day will be sent upon acceptance in the program.

The cost for the program is $187 and is due in full at or before orientation on September 28, 2023. An invoice will be emailed to you.

Up to 20 participants will be accepted for the 2023 Tours for Teachers Program. Please submit your application to the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce on or before September 6, 2023.

To apply for participation in the 2023 Tours for Teachers program, please:

- Complete the below Application
- One Letter of Recommendation
- Supervisor Approval Letter

The Supervisor Approval Letter is required from your reporting supervisor and should include the following:
"I understand the Tours for Teachers program requires participants to commit to three full days over the course of the program; these days are calendared school days and will require an approved absence on behalf of the participant. I am in support of this applicant's participation in the Tours for Teachers program."
I give my permission to share my Name, School, Position, Phone & Email address with the other Teachers on my Tour? (applicable only, if on this years tour) *