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Castle Rock Chamber is committed to providing Douglas County business owners and entrepreneurs with the support they need to grow their business.

This program was created by a group of dedicated and experienced member business leaders whose mission is to provide small businesses with the resources used by best-in-class firms, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the local, state and global marketplaces.

Please complete the following questions so we may better assist you. All information provided is confidential. The reporting of this program is based on an aggregate format of its clients. Our Business Counseling Services are free to all. Services may be provided virtually if requested.

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Any information received by EBDP and its partners from anyone requesting business assistance is strictly confidential. The eXcelerate Business Development (EBD) program is both privately and publicly funded. Our public funding mandates that we track our business clients. This program is supported by our municipal, educational, and business association partners who require measurement of our impact on the business community. Thank you for completing the above form so we may gather the information necessary to validate our program.