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About Us

CyTech is an international cyber security company that provides high-end cyber services worldwide in a follow-the-sun mode. The company operates from four main locations: Colorado, USA, Israel, and Singapore, and from its Technology Research, Development, and Cyber Security Operations Center in the Philippines.

In CyTech, we develop our cyber technologies. By bringing our team's vast and diverse experience, we make our CISO Workplace speak the language of Business and Cyber Security.

The cyber world can be a daunting area of expertise, and as such, organizations need experts who understand the frustrations and challenges in both business and cyber to effectively communicate and collaborate with all parties involved.

Our Mission is to virtualize the CISO World, making it accessible to all. We aim to change the world of cyber security not just for CISOs but also for businesses and non-cyber professionals. We developed a workplace with everything in one place to help ease the frustrations of CISOs while providing accessible solutions tailored for small and medium businesses, regardless of technical background, to defend against digital threats effectively.

We make Cyber Security Accessible for Everyone, so Anyone and Any Organization can Grow their Cyber Resiliency Without the Hurdle of Cyber Complexity.

So, if you are struggling with cyber security, compliance, and maneuvering around the complex world of cyber security, contact us. We will take this off your plate so you can focus on your business growth.