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TRUMPET Content Studio

TRUMPET Content Studio


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About Us

TRUMPET Content Studio makes (very) short-format story driven content for use on the web, in social media and product catalogs.

Content is King. This isn’t just true for cable companies and motion picture production studios. The content you post is your kingdom where your brand reigns. TRUMPET can help you reign supreme with bespoke motion graphic and animated content designed to grab your audiences attention, so that your message GETS DELIVERED- BEFORE-THEY-CAN-SWIPE-UP. Better stops the scroll.

You receive all of the source files with every project. We even show you how to use those assets within social media apps so you can make more content on your own..…. Whaaaa? Let me say it again but differently… all of the little bits and pieces we make… you can use on your own to make additional content on social media platforms using their content creation tools. Yes. We actually do that- because you paid for that work.

Our goal is that working with us is like working with a friend, because making stuff is fun. For campaigns, holiday content, new product launches and old product reboots.

Reach out anytime:

For tips on ruling social media and peeks at our process and projects in our pipeline, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our twitter channel.

P.S. Why the name TRUMPET? Female elephants live in groups and when a baby elephant is born, the ladies rally around it and "trumpet" to express their emotions and welcome it into the world. Now that is a way to make an announcement.